Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Photo Calendar

I'm a member of a book club and have been so for many years.
Since I'm such a loyal customer, I get lots of special offers.
I usually never buy them, but today's offer was a print of a photo calendar for free.
I thought that would be a great Christmas gift for my parents, so I clicked on the link they provided. There was a choice of various designs, and various options how to upload your photos. I've had so many PC crashes that most of my photos are safely tucked away in online photo albums. I was delighted that I could upload them directly from there.
Well, in theory I could. I could access my albums, choose photos, but the 'Drag and Drop' didn't work at all!
So I created a folder, downloaded the photos I wanted to have from my albums to my PC, then uploaded them to the website.
That worked well.
I selected which photo I wanted for which month, then got the message that some or all of the photos had a low resolution, and that I could exchange them.
They didn't tell me which photos, though.
Since I couldn't find out, I thought it would still be OK to stick with the chosen photos.

When I had just checked the little box that I couldn't give it back if it didn't please me (since it would be specifically created for me, so I think that was fair), I noticed the bit where it told me about the postage and package fee.
OK, even that seemed fair, so I clicked on the link they gave me to look how much it would be.

There was a long list of products they sell, and the default was set to 'calling cards for free'. No photo calendar was on that list, and I certainly don't want any calling cards.

I then decided that I wouldn't take the risk to order god knows what, for I don't know how much money, so I went back to remove the photos I had uploaded.
Funny, that wasn't possible.

In the end, I just closed the website.

Maybe I'm now going to look for an offer where they tell me how much the whole thing is going to cost me, cause I find the idea of a photo calendar for my parents still appealing. I took screen prints from each month, though, so if all else fails, I can still print my own.


Anonymous said...

I've made small photo calendars in the past using a kit which I bought in Boots. You just slip the photo into a pocket and stick down the edge.
You might be able to order direct from these guys:


Good luck.

Bel said...

Cheers, Teuchter. :) I've found a website which offers various formats and doesn't leave you in the dark concerning the costs. It's not too expensive, so I may create a calendar. We used to do them ourselves, but that was before the digital age, when you still had paper photos.

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