Friday, 20 February 2015

Listeners: Attention, Please

librivox explorer

This morning, I read a post in the LibriVox forum about a desktop app (created by CommonVox), the Librivox Explorer Download,  which allows me to browse the Librivox catalog, listen to audio files, bookmark them, create my own lists of books, authors and/or readers and much more!

Sure, I need an internet connection for it, but I don't need to open my browser, and I get to see all the great covers of the books, plus all the relevant data about the book and reader/s.

You can download the books, too -- if the M4b file can be accessed, that is. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cooking from Scratch: Falafel and Rolled-up Eggplant

 Yesterday, I was in the mood for something more time-consuming than the average fare I cook.

I decided to try my hand at falafel and eggplant. I'd never cooked falafel before, but ever since I discovered how versatile chickpeas are, I'm on the lookout for new ideas and recipes.

Thanks to a conversation with RangeWoman on Twitter, I was true to my word and cooked the planned dish.

And it was M A R V E L L O U S

True, it took more than an hour to prepare and fry it all, but it was worth it. I'll definitely do either dish again (up to last night, eggplant has not been a favourite with my husband).

I won't type the recipes here, they belong to other people, but you can look them up on (if you understand enough German -- or maybe it can be translated?)

I'll tell you which ingredients I took, though.

For the falafel: soaked chickpeas (not cooked), onion, garlic (lots), coriander, parsnip (fresh would be best, but dried will do, I found), cumin(I forgot to add this), salt*, pepper, a slice of old toast (I forgot to add this, it still worked fine), baking powder, flour.
Falafel are vegan.

Mix all in a blender, form small balls:

Oh, and if you have the 'send to kindle app' (and a kindle in the first place) you don't need to print any recipe, just send it to your kindle.

Heat oil in a pan (as hot as possible, then you won't need to deepfry), fry:

* I forgot to add the salt, too, which was the only thing my husband asked me not to forget next time.

 The following is vegetarian (if you have ideas for alternatives, please post them in the comment section). For the rolled-up eggplants you'll need an eggplant, of course(choose a long one, the flattest you can find),

some sour cream, some light mayonnaise (or similar), garlic (a lot), an egg, spices (salt, pepper), tomatoes.

Beat egg, turn slices in it, fry them.

Spread with cream, add sliced tomato and roll them up:

Both dishes can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Enjoy, and take the next day off work (due to your garlicky breath ;))

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cooking from scratch: Red Kuri Squash Cream Soup

I had bought a nice red kuri squash the other day, and now it was time to prepare it or risk it starting to rot.

I half remembered a recipe for a pumpkin cream soup, but all I remembered was, that it contained onions and ginger.

So my husband browsed for a recipe, and we soon found one that sounded right.

I even had most of the ingredients, only celery was missing, so we decided to do without it.
I took one red kuri squash, two potatoes, two carrots, two onions, ginger, one clove of garlic, vegetable stock,  one pepperoni (instead of the suggested chilli), curry powder, and coconut milk.

Cutting a red kuri squash is hard work, but it gets easier once you've cut it in two halves. 

I had ordered my husband to help with the preparations, which he did, so I was spared from having to peel and cut the onions. :D

Once that is done, you can relax. Just bring all the ingredients to boil in  a large pot:

 When everything is boiled soft (after about half an hour of simmering), you need a blender:


Then you add the coconut milk, and presto: you can scoop another delicious dish on your plate. 
If you want much, you can have a slice of toast with it. 

We didn't manage to eat it all up, so I took the rest to some dear friends of mine for their lunch. :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cooking from scratch: Kohlrabi, Carrots and Veggieschnitzel with Pasta in Gorgonzola

I'm very fond of Kohlrabi, preferably raw. This one had been in the fridge for some time now, though, so I guessed it would be better to cook it. I had a few carrots left, too, which I decided I'd better eat before they were good for nothing. 

So I peeled and sliced my vegetables and fried them until they were nearly soft:

I then added the veggie schnitzels and seasoned with pepper and coriander

Now, this is not really enough to serve two, so I cooked some pasta to which I added Gorgonzola cheese (something I had never tried before, so this was quite experimental, but it worked out nicely):

Btw, I have a special large bowl with lid in which I can cook the pasta (i.e. I just bring the water to the boil, then pour it over the pasta in said bowl and have it cooked without needing to leave it on the stove). This way, I save energy and time, because I don't need to pay attention to the pasta and can use the preheated cooktop to cook something else. I use clarified butter for most things fried. I prefer the taste to vegetable oil.

If you take vegetable oil for frying and choose another sauce (pesto would be fine, I think) for the pasta, this vegetarian meal becomes a vegan meal.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cooking from scratch: Gnocchi Vesuvio

Well, this is a recipe a friend of mine once published in the h2g2 Post. It has been a favourite ever since I first tried it.

I never use any chorizo (or other sausage for that matter). And if you do without the mozzarella, you not only have a vegetarian meal, but a vegan meal. It's very tasty and easily made.

There is a lovely video clip to watch, too, made by another friend from bygone times (It starts at about 1:55, but the whole clip is well worth watching).


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The weird ways of search results

I've mentioned it before: I'm quite fond of stats, so evidently, I check mine occasionally.

Today, I had a weird result: somebody from the USA entered:

where to find pr*st*t*t*s in gheorgheni (you'll have to add the vowels yourself, I omitted them for obvious reasons) into some search machine and apparently got my 'Gigolo' blog post as a result.

Well, one of the tags was 'male pr*st*t*t*n', so it's probably not that far of the mark after all, but still--there must be thousands of significant results out there. That's a guess, naturally, because I don't want to enter this search term and I really don't want to see the results. :D

But somebody somewhere must have scrolled through hundreds of pages to find my blog post.

Hey, there is hope for other blogposts with similarly obscure tags. ;)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cooking from scratch: experimental

It worked out nicely

Today, I went experimental. I had once fried Romana salad, which was very tasty, so I thought it might work with radicchio Treviso, too.